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Oest supplies commercial customers with the entire range of modern heating and fuels. Natural gas, electricity and green electricity can also be purchased directly from Oest by private households. As one of the major shareholders of AVIA Deutschland, Oest has been involved in the continuous expansion of its own wind farms and climate-friendly energy from hydropower for many years.

Research into synthetic fuels and e-fuels also enjoys high priority in the company. In addition to all classic fuels, Oest already supplies synthetic fuels based on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils), GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) and regenerative Blue diesel with significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

Our Products

Electricity, Green Electricity and Natural Gas

With our AVIA electricity and natural gas you can rely on the profitability of a large national energy supplier - while enjoying the service of the Oest energy team in Freudenstadt and all the benefits of a regional provider. Moreover, Oest is co-founder and shareholder of the German AVIA GmbH.

You can find price information for the current AVIA electricity and AVIA natural gas tariffs here:

Price information AVIA electricity

Price information AVIA natural gas

Information green electricity

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Do you want a simple and easy way to send us a meter reading? No problem! Just click on the following links to enter your readings for natural gas and electricity.

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Would you like to change your energy provider and benefit from the favourable conditions at AVIA? We will complete all the formalities on your behalf – quickly and efficiently at no cost to you.

Motor and Heating Fuels, AdBlue®

  • Petrol (E5, E10, Super Plus)
  • Diesel
  • Bio-diesel
  • Low-sulphur heating oil
  • Heating oil standard (CO2 compensated)
  • AdBlue®
  • Tank systems for AdBlue®
New Fuel Technologies

  • AVIA GTL FUEL (Gas-to-Liquids)
    Synthetic diesel fuel from natural gas
    100% renewable diesel fuel (HVO)
    Renewable diesel fuel
Special Fuels

Oest Oecomix 2T und Oest Oecokraft 4T The special fuel for two- and four-stroke engines. To protect people and the environment.

Find out everything you need to know at:


I Plant A Tree – ecological electricity with certificate

For each ecological electricity customer we plant a tree in Germany. More than 1.000 trees have already been planted at Kobschütz. More and more…


OEST special fuels are in the centre of interest at the KWF meeting

OEST shows its environmentally friendly special fuels for two- and four-stroke engines on the biggest forestry trade fair

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