Alexander A. Klein re-elected

At the 97th Ordinary General Assembly of UNITI e.V. in Berlin, the agenda included elections to the Executive Board.

Alexander A. Klein, who has been on the UNITI Board since 2014, was unanimously re-elected and confirmed in office for another three years.

In addition to bundling the association's activities at national and international level, Alexander A. Klein is particularly committed to a versatile technological openness in the energy transition, with a focus on alternative fuels, e-fuels and lubricant products based on renewable raw materials.

Founded in 1927, UNITI represents around 90 % of the mineral oil industry in Germany and pools expertise in fuels, the heating market and lubricants. The approximately 1,000 member companies together employ about 80,000 workers and realise a total annual turnover of about 35 billion euros.